future ready

Leading South African provider of Residential, Business and Hosted PBX VOIP systems

Future Ready

Future Ready runs one of South Africa’s largest VOIP services, providing services to the South African market place.

We currently offer Hosted PBXs, full scale SIP Trunking for Business VOIP and Wholesale VOIP services as well as a range of Residential VOIP services for the home user.

How VOIP Works

Voice Over Internet Protocol ( VOIP ) services allow you to make low cost South African and International phone calls using your existing high speed internet connection. Using the internet to make phone calls enables you to avoid the usually high-cost calling from your regular carrier and to take advantage of the great rates that Future Ready offer. VOIP adaptors allow you to plug standard phone handsets directly into your internet connection, providing you with a seamless transition from regular phone calls to internet phone calls.

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How Business VOIP Works

Business VOIP services not only provide you with cheaper call rates by sending phone calls through your existing internet connection, it also provides your business with the ability to scale the phone system at the click of a button. Future Ready’s VOIP PBX solutions offer features including Multiple Lines, Hosted PBXs, Interactive Voice Response ( IVR ) Voice Menus, Queues, VOIP Conferencing and more. Nowadays, Business VOIP is considered a serious professional communication service, with many multinational companies utilising it’s power.

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Traditionally, VoIP technology has only been used by large corporations that can afford to invest in this cost saving technology. Future Ready offers this same technology directly to residential and small business customers.

Future Ready allows any broadband user to make and receive calls over the internet whilst using their existing telephone or an Future Ready Internet phone. The easy to use service drastically reduces customers phone bills, whilst offering a range of free included features enabling users to actively control their own calls.

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